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Majestery is in the business of giving customers ultimate peace of mind. We take customer relationship management very seriously and help companies and organizations give their clients what they really want and need.

For the busy executive, Majestery provides assistance with daily travel and business logistics, access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or coordination of everything from special events to family holidays and celebrations.

For the patient seeking treatment at a healthcare facility out of their immediate residential region, Majestery can manage everything that is needed including travel arrangements, temporary living quarters, rental cars or limousines, meal preparation, paperwork assistance, translation, and much more.

We are highly adept at designing the people processes, infrastructure, and cutting-edge technologies to ease the burdens of varied clientele.

  • services1 Customer-Designed CRM

    Customer-Designed CRM

    We provide access to our proprietary CRM system and provide CRM reports and data collection services based on true personalized relationships. Clients receive real time data about preferences and customer’s behavior based on day-to-day requests and lifestyle activities.

  • services2 Logistics Lifestyle and Travel Management

    Logistics Lifestyle and Travel Management

    Using our worldwide network of exclusive connections, we coordinate the impossible on behalf of clients to resolve their problems, manage logistics, and provide access to experiences they would not be able to achieve on their own.

  • services4 Membership Development

    Membership Development

    We literally create a membership dynamic for an organization from top to bottom to develop a personalized program of services and the ancillary marketing tools that will support it and better define the brand promise.

  • services5 Consulting & Training

    Consulting & Training

    We provide insights and counseling to establish best practices, which enhance service standards and elevate the organization within the brand category

  • services6 Medical TourismPrivate Event Management

    Private Event Management

    We design exclusive events for small groups or individuals to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all participants that also represent a specific marketing objective if corporate oriented.

  • services3 Medical Tourism

    Medical Tourism

    We can customize non-clinical related service programs and assistance for healthcare institutions designed to give patients ultimate peace of mind when seeking care outside of their immediate residential area.


To work as an extension of an organization. Majestery assumes the burden of logistical coordination to deliver highly personalized, innovative customer relationship management programs that will define the brand, deliver tangible value, endear it to customers, and ultimately motivate long-term engagement. We ensure that the brand becomes a vital resource for the customer in all aspects of their daily lives.


Under the leadership of President and CEO André Politzer, Majestery is at the forefront of customer relationship management. Innovators in our own right, we maintain a constant connection to market trends through our own focus groups, ongoing research studies, and the implementation of innovative, impactful programs that deliver results.


Our client base ranges from companies in the financial industry — including private banking, wealth management, and hedge funds — to luxury retail (jewelry, watches, department stores), travel purveyors, luxury automobiles, healthcare institutions, non-profit membership-oriented organizations, and many other customer-centric brands.


Majestery’s Personal Lifestyle Planners know who clients are, what they like, where they go, and what they want — and find a way to give it to them. We respect your customer’s privacy and treat all interactions in a highly confidential manner so we become anonymous, trusted, respected consultants. Or, we can operate through your front-line associates and indirectly support them by managing the important details behind the scenes.



Majestery was founded in 2009 by a management team with a combined 100 years of expertise in hospitality and customer relationship management.

We truly understand the needs and wants of the twenty-first century consumer who desires access to more time and a higher quality experience. Our Planners and Lifestyle Team can assist clients in over 36 countries around the world by delivering complete peace of mind.majestery-team


Andre Politzer


Co-Founder, CEO

André Politzer has over 30 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience building business performance and enhancing customer relationships.

He is accomplished at helping esteemed brands capture new business opportunities, implement innovative go-to-market tactics, and significantly impact profitability. Throughout his career, he has championed the science of customer relationship management by personalizing a brand through meaningful relationship building so companies get to know their customers genuinely, speak to what impassions them, and ultimately add value to their products and services. André’s expertise encompasses emblematic brands in the finance, travel, hospitality, and mobile industries including Air France, Meridien, Trusthouse Forte (where he launched the “Plaza Athenee” brand), ADP, Merrill Lynch, and IDT Telecom. André holds an MBA from University Paris IX Dauphine, a Federal Diploma from the International Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management in Switzerland, and an advanced degree in professional coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas.








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